Tri-Pier 2 Telescope Pier

Tri-Pier 2 Telescope Pier
Part#: TP2

Tri-Pier 2 portable height adjustable telescope pier. The most versitile telescope pier ever! A powerhouse pier, adaptable to different viewing platforms, both portable and permanent. Loaded with features, and the same patented height adjustment technology found in the world popular Pier-Tech 2 and Pier-Tech 3 Telescope piers.

The Tri-Pier2 is a portable ,height adjustable, telescope pier that folds up like a traditional tripod. It allows a lower loading height, at knee level, of your mount and telescope. After loading your astronomy equipment, simply push a button to raise your mount and telescope to a comfortable viewing/working height.

The pier has 20 inches of precision vertical adjustment keeping your telescope polar aligned and level at every height. It is supplied with a 24 volt rechargeable battery controller, so you can take it to your favorite dark sky site or star party. It can also be mounted in your observatory or permanent viewing site, by adding the optional anchor plate.

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