Piertech Height Adjustable pier Testimonials

Something to possibly consider if your budget can meet the cost and you desire for both visual and imaging.  I mostly do imaging, but I got a new C14 Edge HD as I wanted to have some big glass for looking at planets, moon and the nice visual targets.  My problem is 1) I have a bad back 2) My objections to visual astronomy has always been that, for me, I always found I needed to be an Olympic Gymnast to be able to contort my body to get to where the eyepiece was.  When I set up my new “Retirement” setup I sprung for some PierTech piers that have the ability to raise and lower your OTA.  Just in the short time I have had my setup this has been a godsend.  When I’m looking inside 30 degree window from zenith I have the pier all the way up and the eyepiece is right at my eyeball and I’m in a comfortable position.  When I’m looking more horizontal, the pier is down and I’m golden again.  Imaging, the pier is all the way down.  To support the AP1600 you need the PT3 pier but these simply work awesome.  Lowell Observatory’s GODO has a LOT of AP mounts, both 1600, 1100 and I believe some Mach2’s as well as some PlaneWave mounts.  All are on PierTech piers so they can raise/lower for the height of the observer.  Raising and lowering does not lose the object.

Philip Hoppes July 2023

At Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona, they have the PierTech piers.  I got them too for my backyard setup.  For those of us with bad backs and joints PierTech piers are a life saver.  You can put the eyepiece where your eye is instead of the reverse!  I’ve had wonderful nights observing with my big C14 light bucket.  I can sit comfortably and when I’m looking at things high up it’s just a push button away to bring the eyepiece to my eye.  For me it makes the whole difference between being able to use my setup visually or not.

Philip Hoppes, July 2023






I thank you for your awesome design because I have had extensive back surgery, and your piertech2 has enabled me to begin looking at the stars again. Prior to receipt of the telescoping pier, I used tripods, and for viewing near zenith it was almost impossible. Once the pier was installed, and scope in place, I was thrilled to discover I could view from any position with ease standing or seated. The movement of the piertech2 is smooth and quiet. Once properly aligned with north raised or lowered, the pier stays on track. This pier has changed my life, thank you again Vito.

Gary McClaran


I’m writing to extend my deepest gratitude to you for creating such a life-changing device (Telescoping pier) and for sending the top plate. Tonight, I was able to photograph Comet Neowise because your pier let me raise the scope up above my observatory wall to view to western horizon. I could not stop smiling, and my wife was amazed at the elegance of raising my scope and mount with a button touch. Thank you, thank you.
Above is the photo I took tonight of Comet Neowise.

With great appreciation for your work,

Faramarz Hidaji, MD

I’m in awe at your design and attention to detail! You have every reason in the universe to be proud of your product and know that hidden amongst the cornfields of Iowa there are are bunch of people who are truly drooling over your fine craftsmanship! Thank you for taking the time to produce such a fine roll off roof observatory product!

-Wilton Observatory, Iowa

Pier-Tech 2 – Electric Height Adjustable Pier – a game-changer for any observatory

I have used this pier with great satisfaction since buying it new in 2005. I really believe in this product, and have two PierTech 3s.  I couldn’t do this hobby without them.  They make it possible to observe all night long because your stamina is not dissipated in dealing with uncomfortable viewing positions.

This adjustable pier means that you can observe and image in far more comfort and convenience.  You can see objects low in the sky while standing, and objects high in the sky while seated.  No more awkward bending or ladders.  For visual observers, you can observe without straining, for longer. For imagers, your equipment is always at a convenient height.

-Jim Watson


I also wanted to add that I could not be more satisfied with my Pier Tech split roll off roof (Tele-Station 6) and Pier Tech 3 adjustable steel pier. I explored many options and companies involving roll of roofs and domes and after speaking with several folks who build observatories I decided on a roll off roof from Pier Tech. It is the perfect setup for me and the support from Vito while designing the observatory was excellent. The construction of the observatory roof is first rate with an easy to use control system. I’ve already experienced a couple of severe storms and high winds with no issues. So, I think if you considering high (e.g., >10 ft) observatory, the options offered by Pier Tech should be seriously considered.

Update 09-28-2022

Just a notice that hurricane Ian is heading over central Florida.  It should hit my area tonight and last through Thursday morning.  I have a weather station near the ROR on my observatory.  Hopefully, I will have some info to send you that all is ok and no damage to it.  I figure it might be good wind info to share with potential customers like you do for domes.
Update 09-29-2022

FYI – follow-up

We got gusting winds up to 70 mph last night and sustained winds still on-going between 30-35 mph today.  No issues with the ROR.

-Bruce Donzanti, Florida

PierTech 3 New Design 09-29-2022

I recently installed a new Pier-Tech PT3 pier in my 10’x10′ TS2 observatory.  I am still waiting on a Paramount MX+ to install on the PT3 that will eventually hold a CFF230 F9 Refractor (sometime in 2023).  I was able to mount a Celestron EVO mount on the PT3 and attached a Q7 Astro scope for visual observing of the planets.  Last night was first-light with the new setup and I was very impressed with stability and precision of the PT3 pier.  I was able to perform a 3-star alignment using the Celestron StarSense and then raise the lower the PT3 pier to various positions for comfortable viewing.  The alignment remained excellent at all the various heights.  I did not need to re-align the EVO – objects were always placed in the 22mm eyepiece.  It was a real joy to observe through the Q7 at all elevation angles and not worry about performing new star alignment.  Talk about a rock solid pier – the entire pier setup weighs over 130 lbs.  I installed the pier directly on the concrete slab – I could see no visible motion of objects, even in my 9mm eyepiece with my brother walking around on the foundation slab.