PIER-TECH 2 Electric Height Adjustable Piers

Pier-Tech 2 is a patented electro-mechanical telescope pier. It is designed for the observer who wishes to raise and lower the pier by a push of a button. The PT2 has many applications, such as allowing observers of different standing height to look comfortably through the eyepiece. Another application is for observers who have multiple telescopes, such as refractors and cassigrains.

The PT2 allows use of only one pier, since you could raise or lower the pier to any position, when switching between different styles of telescopes. When looking high near the zenith, you don’t need to strain your back by crouching down to look through the eyepiece, just simply push the button on the hand pendant to raise the eyepiece to your eye, while still keeping the telescope level and polar aligned. Best of all, target stays in the field of view!!!!

In observatory applications, use the PT2 or PT3 to raise the telescope above the observatory wall, to view astronomical objects near the horizon.
It can also be controlled via your personal computer or controlling server, with the addition of our Auto-Pier software and hardware or our dome and rolloff roof controller.

To operate the Pier-Tech 2, just plug it into a standard 120V outlet, push the up or down button on the supplied hand held pendant to raise or lower the pier. (Don’t have power in your observatory? You can also operate it with our optional rechargeable battery control box. The pier has 20 inches of precision vertical adjustment keeping your telescope polar aligned and level.

Compare the PT2 Price to Fixed Height Pier prices, and you will notice that it is a good value for the price.

For larger telescope setups, with larger mounts, We recommend the Pier-Tech 3

Features of the Pier-Tech 2 Telescope Pier

• Supplied with 120 or (220 Volt controller Europe) just plug into standard wall outlet.
• Stays level and polar aligned at every height.
• Can be made portable with optional leg and castor attachment.
• 215 pound lift capacity.
• Minimum pier height is 30 1/2 inches- 31 1/2 inches, Maximum pier height is 50 1/2 inches- 51 1/2 inches, (all dimensions are +/- 1/2 inches)
• Aluminum and powder coated steel construction for corrosion resistance.
• Flat, top pier plate is included in price. There will be an additional charge for adapting to mounts that do not attach to a flat top plate. Contact Pier-Tech for additional information.
• Great for roll-off roof observatories.
• Ergonomic and handicapped accessible.
• Great for viewers of different standing heights such as children

The pier can be stopped in any position along its travel. Power loss will not allow the pier to drift down.