High Quality Astronomy Products for the Astronomy Enthusiast

Pier-Tech Inc. has been providing astronomy products since 1999. We began our adventure with providing the astronomy community revolutionary products such as our patented height adjustable piers, the PT2, PT3 and TP2. A few years later, we developed our Tele-Station roll off roof observatories TS2, TS3, TS5 and TS6 that have features not found in any other roll off roof observatory available. We also offer a Mobile Observatory, the Star Traveler mobile observatory. We are the only observatory manufacturer to offer this product worldwide. Our latest product that we have developed is a high quality all metal observatory dome, the PTD1 and PTD2. Our dome has features and design enhancements not found in other manufactured all metal domes. Designed 100% with 3D software, our domes meet the highest quality standard for fit and finish between components. Because Pier-Tech Inc. can offer both roll off roof observatories and dome observatories, we can provide a complete solution for your observatory project, either amateur or professional. We manufacturer our own observatories, whether a dome or Roll off roof  and don’t just sell you other company’s products, so we have complete control of your observatory project’s build schedule.


ROLL OFF ROOF OBSERVATORIES. Made from structural aluminum, our roll off roof observatories have design features not found in any other roll off roof observatory design. They are maintenance free and don't require external roof supports yielding a clean and aesthetically pleasing design. In contrast to wood observatories that render a musky wood smell. Upon entering our observatory, you will notice a laboratory type setting that matches well with your telescope and mount quality that speaks volumes to the type of work in observations that are being performed. Our Roll Off Roof Observatories can be disassembled in the event that you move and reassembled with the same structural integrity. Each observatory is built at our facility, tested and diss-assembled in sections, crated and delivered on a tilt bed truck that lowers the crate to the ground at your site for easy re-assembly. We also can provide design services that include recommending the observatory size and model, telescope pier placement and height, along with the observatory wall height. We can provide this level of design to insure that your project is a success.

TELESCOPE PIERS, We offer height adjustable telescope piers as well as fixed height telescope piers. Our patented height adjustable piers offer ergonomic advantages such as eliminating back strain while looking through the eyepiece, as well as allowing you to switch between long and short focal length telescopes with the ability to electrically raise and lower the eyepiece to your standing or sitting height and anywhere in between, while maintaining polar alignment. They are also great for allowing you to raise the telescope above the observatory wall to view and image targets closer to the horizon, like that once in a lifetime comet. When viewing objects overhead, you can raise the pier so you don't have to bend down to look through the eyepiece thus straining your back.

DOME OBSERVATORIES. Our dome observatories are made from Galvalume and are available in a series of colors to match your home. Unlike the Galvalume used by our competitors, We use a Galvalume that is coated with Kynar 500 resin based coating over the standard galvanized steel for added exposure protection Our dome finish will out last any other metal dome manufacturer's finish . Our domes can be added to existing structures or can also be mounted onto our circular walk in building. We also offer a handicapped accessible dome observatory. We build our own dome automation system that is factory tested.

MOBILE OBSERVATORIES. Drive your telescope setup to dark skies. Setup takes about 10 minutes. Your telescope setup can stay mounted in the observatory even while in transit. The mobile observatory comes with a 3 point true hydraulic telescope isolation platform that isolates the telescope from the trailer floor allowing you to walk around the observatory without shaking the telescope. The observatory can also be remotely controlled via our observatory controller. One great application for our mobile observatory is for outreach programs or for people with RV's that want to take their telescope setups with them to star parties.