Star Traveler Mobile Observatory

This Star Traveler XL mobile observatory size is perfect for large group viewing, or multiple pier / Telescope applications. This observatory is well suited for research projects that require extra space for equipment and research components.

• The Star Traveler XL Mobile Observatory measures 7.5 feet wide x 15 feet long (Internal dimensions of usable space)

Star Traveler Mobile Observatory Road Test #1:
The Star Traveler Mobile Observatory was road tested on November 3, 2007. It was driven from Chicago, Illinois to College Station, Texas. A trip of 1100 miles, at an average speed of 60 miles per hour.

Star Traveler Mobile Observatory Road Test #2:
A second Star Traveler Mobile Observatory was road tested on January 7, 2008. It was driven from Chicago, Illinois to Miami, Florida. A trip of 1400 miles at an average speed of 60 miles per hour.

• Built out of aluminum with stainless steel mounting hardware, the Star Traveler Mobile observatory will last a lifetime. Below are the standard features, available sizes, and options.

Included Features of the Star Traveler Mobile Observatory

• All aluminum trailer platform with safety lighting, 2 ½” hitch ball and electrical hookup

• Pier/tripod isolation platform with independent retractable electric isolation pods. This platform totally isolates the pier/tripod from the trailer floor. You will be able to walk on the trailer without vibrating the pier/tripod, and it also isolates the pier/tripod from external forces, such as wind on the side of the observatory

• All aluminum observatory walls and roof with stainless steel fasteners

• Properly balanced trailer weight distribution for safe trailer operation

• Azimuth adjustment adapter for quickly adjusting your telescope/mount in azimuth

Applications for Star Traveler Mobile Observatory

• Have an observatory that you can use on your property and also be able to drive to star parties, without having to dismantle your setup.

• Since the Star Traveler is not a permanent observatory, home owners association rules do not apply, meaning that you may be able to place an observatory on your property

• Attend your favorite star parties without having to disassemble your whole telescope setup. Keep all your equipment mounted during transport. Set-up takes only 10 minutes.

• Public outreach programs to schools and community. Share your passion for astronomy by bringing your astronomy to others.

• The Star Traveler can be positioned in various remote areas and be controlled via the internet, as a remotely operated observatory, via a wireless link. Since it can be solar powered (optional with available solar panel system), it can serve as a self reliant system.

• Great for RV applications. If you are a RV enthusiast, this is a way to take your observatory with you when traveling across the country.