I’m writing to extend my deepest gratitude to you for creating such a life-changing device (Telescoping pier) and for sending the top plate. Tonight, I was able to photograph Comet Neowise because your pier let me raise the scope up above my observatory wall to view to western horizon. I could not stop smiling, and my wife was amazed at the elegance of raising my scope and mount with a button touch. Thank you, thank you.
Above is the photo I took tonight of Comet Newwise.

With great appreciation for your work,

Faramarz Hidaji, MD

I’m in awe at your design and attention to detail! You have every reason in the universe to be proud of your product and know that hidden amongst the cornfields of Iowa there are are bunch of people who are truly drooling over your fine craftsmanship! Thank you for taking the time to produce such a fine roll off roof observatory product!

-Wilton Observatory, Iowa

I also wanted to add that I could not be more satisfied with my Pier Tech split roll off roof (Tele-Station 6) and Pier Tech 3 adjustable steel pier. I explored many options and companies involving roll of roofs and domes and after speaking with several folks who build observatories I decided on a roll off roof from Pier Tech. It is the perfect setup for me and the support from Vito while designing the observatory was excellent. The construction of the observatory roof is first rate with an easy to use control system. I’ve already experienced a couple of severe storms and high winds with no issues. So, I think if you considering high (e.g., >10 ft) observatory, the options offered by Pier Tech should be seriously considered.

-Bruce Donzanti, Florida