TRI-PIER 2 Portable Electric Height Adjustable Pier

Tri-Pier 2 portable height adjustable telescope pier. The most versatile telescope pier ever! A powerhouse pier, adaptable to different viewing platforms, both portable and permanent. Loaded with features, and the same patented height adjustment technology found in the world popular Pier-Tech 2 and Pier-Tech 3 Telescope piers.

The Tri-Pier2 is a portable ,height adjustable, telescope pier that folds up like a traditional tripod. It allows a lower loading height, at knee level, of your mount and telescope.

After loading your astronomy equipment, simply push a button to raise your mount and telescope to a comfortable viewing/working height.

The pier has 20 inches of precision vertical adjustment keeping your telescope polar aligned and level at every height. It is supplied with a 24 volt rechargeable battery controller, so you can take it to your favorite dark sky site or star party. It can also be mounted in your observatory or permanent viewing site, by adding the optional anchor plate.
Features of the Tri-Pier 2 Portable Telescope Pier

• Supplied with 24volt rechargeable battery controller.

• Stays level and polar aligned at every height.

• 400 pound lift capacity

• The minimum pier height can be set between 28 inches and 38 inches, maximum pier height is electrically adjustable between 28 to 48 inches or 38 to 58 inches, depending on what height you set the minimum to. So if you currently have a short telescope such as a SCT, and in the future go to a longer telescope such as a refractor, the minimum height can be set to suit either application.

• Aluminum anodized construction for corrosion resistance.

• Audible alarm lets you know if batteries need recharging.

• Bull’s-eye level is recessed in bottom ring. This feature aids in leveling the pier.

• Carry Handle

• Special slots in side of pier allow you to hide wires by adding our slot covers.

• 3″ diameter vibration resistant foot pads for maximum ground contact.

• Gas assisted leg opening. This feature aids in opening the legs and allows the legs to open to the same position, so if you place it in the same place and in the same orientation, on your viewing platform, you won’t have to re-level the pier.

• Flat, top pier plate is included in price. There will be an additional charge for adapting to mounts that do not attach to a flat top plate. Contact Pier-Tech for additional information. Adaptable to any telescope mount. Lifting capacity allows use with any commercially available telescope mounts.

• Ergonomic and handicapped accessible.

• Great for viewers of different standing height.

• The Tri-Pier2 can be converted to a permanent height adjustable pier by removing adjustment feet from legs. No need to remove the legs. Just fold them in. So if an observatory is in your future or if you are looking for a pier that can be used both in an observatory permanent setting and at your favorite star party, then the Tri-Pier2 is the pier that will adapt to your needs.

Minimum height is 28 inches with center column retracted.

Maximum height is 48 inches with center column raised.

The pier can be stopped in any position along its travel. Power loss will not allow the pier to drift down.

• Higher minimum heights are available on special order.