Tele-Enclosure Roll Off Roof Observatory


Tele-Enclosure Roll Off Roof Observatory…packed with features not found in any other observatories available. Full 360 degrees of viewing from the horizon to the zenith, due to the flat roof design and use of our height adjustable pier. A complete package.
A revolutionary, streamlined, esthetically pleasing design.
Used by professional organizations such as NASA, European Space Agency, Mitre Corporation and Universities.
Built to withstand harsh environments.

Worldwide Shipping Available

Included Features of the Tele- Enclosure Roll Off Roof Observatory
• All aluminum construction with Aluminum panels making it 100% corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free, no painting or staining required, ever!
• Aluminum wall panels are white.
• Roof is white for low heat absorption.
• Lockable, keeping your astronomy equipment safe.
• Do it yourself installation. You don’t need to hire a contractor to install our observatories!! Installation is a snap due to our modular design!
• Unlike observatories made from wood, the all-aluminum Tele-Enclosure will not warp and sag over time.
• The flat roof allows 360-degree views from the horizon to the zenith when used with our height-adjustable piers.
• Roof snow load capacity is 50 lbs/square foot.
• Internal dimensions are 70” wide x 82” long x (Custom Height).

• The Tele-Enclosure standard size will fit most amateur telescopes. The pics below show a AP1100 holding a 152mm Officina Stellare Refractor and a Questar 7″ Mak., with plenty of room for two observers.

Our aluminum construction yields a clean room atmosphere, unlike wood construction that yields a musky wood smell.


Price $11,143