Roll Off Roof Observatory Motor System

Our motors come in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1.0 horse power sizes. Depending on the size of the observatory that you order. We use a rack and pinion design which produces the greatest amount of torque for moving roofs.

Also, our motor drive is mounted in the center of the observatory back wall, instead of on the side of the observatory. This motor position is best, since the roof can me moved evenly, and provides the motor with the best mechanical advantage. This Heavy Duty Motor and Gearbox Observatory Roof Drive System can be used with any roll off roof observatory, not just ours.

Observatory Control Box.

Our observatory control box, houses the motor frequency drive that allows you to control the roof motor speed and closing/opening force and roof limit switch connections. It also houses the optional touch pad controller that allows remote observatory control. The box can be mounted to any observatory wall. It is sealed keeping out moisture.