PIER TECH DOME 2 Observatory

The PTD2 is a dome that you add to a sub structure building,. It is composed of a aluminum sub frame and a Galvalume skin with interlocking dome sheets and stainless steel fasteners, providing a strong watertight design able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Our domes are the only metal domes available on the market that come in a choice of color, from our color selection sheet. Also, our domes are designed with a taller skirt, yielding a larger volume and a larger telescope capacity, compared to other domes of the same diameter. It has the following features,

• Motors on shutter and azimuth rotation are included.

• Optional factory tested automation system is available from Pier-Tech Inc, no need to find another supplier.

• Viewing range is from horizon to 10 degrees past zenith.

• Contactor bars which provide current to shutter motor are available. This option eliminates the need to bring the dome to the home position in order to power the upper shutter motor. With this option, you will be able to power the upper shutter motor at any azimuth position of the dome.

• Do-it yourself installation. Complete assembly manual with detailed step by step pictures included. Installation from Pier-Tech Inc. also available.

• Widest shutters in the industry are standard, at no extra cost

Contact Pier-Tech Inc for pricing and available sizes.

Below are a series of pictures showing Pier-Tech installed domes both in the United States and other countries.