Vibration Isolation For Mounts

Vibration Isolation For Mounts
Part#: ST-VI

Our vibration isolation platform is made with special helical isolators, sandwiched between (2) 12x12x1/2 inch aluminum plates. We custom make the vibration isolation platform for your mount and telescope weight. The number of helical isolators used, depends on the weight of your telescope mount and telescope combined. There is a range of weight that the vibration isolation will accept. Because its custom designed for your particular telescope and mount, doesn’t mean that the same vibration isolation platform will not apply to other telescope and mount arrangements. Please specify what type of telescope and mount arrangement the platform should be designed for, and possible future telescope and mount arrangements. In some cases adding or removing helical isolators to the same platform will make it suitable for other telescope and mount arrangements.

A deposit will be taken at the time of your order